We are all about High Quality, Vintage and Boutique Guitar Equipment

We are a fiercely independent, small business selling High Quality, Vintage and Boutique guitar gear owned and operated by Scott Hager. We specialize in vintage and boutique guitar effects pedals.

We are lucky enough to have loyal customers in almost every country in the world. Our interest lies in doing whatever we can to help you find the elusive tone that you desire out of your guitar.

I like to think that the fact that we give a damn sets us apart. Whether you are selling millions of records a year or selling out your buddy's basement booze can party, We take your tone seriously.

I am pretty picky about the product lines we carry. They must sound great and have roadworthy reliability with the right vibe. Thus far, I am very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with.

Please be sure to visit the Axe...and You Shall Receive website when you get a chance. Thanks!

T Minus whenever it feels right!!!

Been thinking about learning the drums. This old sesame Street clip got me thinking I should…

Jamie from EQD talks about the upcoming offerings from Earthquaker!!!

They all look to be killer!

The Stone Deaf Fx Trashy Blonde Distortion and JustNickMusic get along quite nicely.

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Great rocked up version of Impaler here with Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans…

The Stone Deaf FX Fig Fumb Fuzz gets a thorough demo from the always awesome JustNick.

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Please Start the day correcting with rage and anger courtesy of Deadguy :)

So good!!!

Just Nick cranks up some MORE GARY.

For more info on the Dr. No Effects More Gary, please click here.

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Listen/purchase: backbiters by backbiters

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